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Probux is one of the best sites to earn. Probux is a registered company established on August 28, 2012 and one of the most stable ptc sites. Probux is a free worldwide service that allows advertisers to reach potential customers by displaying their advertisements on our site and also to provide our registered users a profitability considering to the page access.

Registering at Probux doesn’t cost you anything, it’s free. Just click on the banner above and register yourselves to earn money for free. The payments sent by Probux are instant and you’ll receive your payments within seconds into your payment processor account (Like PayPal, Payza, Neteller). Neteller is the most recently added payment processor at Probux.

The next question that arises in your mind is, how do I actually earn money at Probux. Well, the answer is so simple. You can earn by,

  • Viewing Ads: You can earn upto $0.02 per ad you click. Just click on the ads, watch it until the timer runs out, and you’ll be paid to your account for watching that ad.
  • Getting Referrals: The main way to earn here at Probux is by getting referrals for yourself. Don’t understand what is a referral? It’s so simple. Just make people register under your referral link (you’ll be provided that when you register) by telling to them about Probux and also use other advertising services to get referrals for yourself. When your referrals click their ads, you get commissions for their clicks. An other feature in Probux is the “Rented referrals” feature. If you’re not sure that you can get rented referrals, you can just rent them for a 30-day period for a cost of $0.20/referral, and you’ll earn from the ads they click. You can earn upto $0.02 per rented referral click and earn upto $0.01 per direct referral click (The ones who registered under you)
  • Tasks: If you’re trying to go in a no-investment way, then, tasks are the main way. Tasks are simple jobs to be done on the internet for which you get paid (Like verifying a company’s website, finding an image url etc.) They’re very interesting to try. I’ve made more than $18 using them. You can use the money you earn here to buy rented referrals. When you earn $50 through tasks, you’ll receive a $5 bonus.
  • ProGrid: Progrid is an additional feature for members to earn (if you’re lucky enough). Progrid is a grid where you can click any grid you like and an ad opens from it. If you’re lucky enough, you can win upto $5 at Progrid.

A well set strategy is required to earn a handsome amount of money from Probux. Here’s a small simple strategy that may help you out:

Do you have a strategy on how to earn faster?

  1. Click all of your ads listed everyday.
  2. Rent 3 referrals, this will cost you $0.60 ($0.20 each).
  3. Recycle referrals who has average click rates of 1.33/day and those who have not clicked for 4 days.  Recycling will cost you $0.07/referral so make sure you have enough money in your balance.
  4. Rent more referrals until you get 200 referrals (maximum for STANDARD Members).
  5. Continue recycling poor clickers and extending good clickers. You will get rental discounts by extending referrals for 60, 90, 150, 240 days.  The longer you extend the bigger the discount on rent.  You can now use AUTOPAY.
  6. In two to three months time, you should be able to earn $70.  Use this to pay for GOLDEN Membership.  Once a Gold member, you will now have 8 fixed ads per day.  Credits you earn from referral clicks will also DOUBLE.
  7. As a Gold member, you can maintain referrals with an average click of 1/day in order to make profit as opposed to Standard members’ 1.33 clicks/day.
  8. Start renting referrals again.  Gold members are allowed a maximum of 2000 rented referrals.  Make wise decision in recycling and extending referrals and you can easily make $20 per day.  Here is the computation:
  • 2000 Referrals x $0.01 (assuming referrals clicks on 1 ad/day only) = $20.00/day = $600.00/month
  • 2000 Referrals x $0.04 (assuming referrals click on  4 adys/day) = $80.00/day = $2400.00/month

Well, these are the things I wished to share with you. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Then, why are you waiting, Register here

Pros about Probux:

  • Paying: Site is paying for more than 10 months and also supports instant payments which means, you’ll receive your money within seconds.
  • Legit: Probux is a registered company.
  • Active referrals: Referrals rented in Probux are usually active with many clicks and give good profits to the one who rented them
  • High paying fixed ads: Probux provides 4 fixed ads with a value of $0.01 for each ad. That is $0.04 for free!
  • Crowdflower tasks: Crowdflower tasks is an additional opportunity to make more money in an easy way.
  • Offers: Probux also provides many offers to complete, which, when completed will give you Procoins which can be converted to money.
  • Upgrades: Membership upgrades are available to make you earn more money.

Cons about Probux

    • Strict TOS: The Terms of Service here in Probux are very strict, which, on violating will get your account banned when you request cashout. You have to be careful. Nothing else is a constriction.

Why to wait when you know all about it. Join by clicking here or on the banner.


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